Friday, May 27, 2011

The iPad, the Xoom, and the Trash Can.

My department has recently been assigned the task of determining the best tablet solution for our organization. Due to the fact that the ASUS eee Transformer has been out of stock everywhere, we decided to test out the iPad 2 and XOOM tablets.

Coming from previous experience with iOS I was a little biased and confused when I received my XOOM. Despite the definite advantages the XOOM offers ( expandable storage, open file downloads and application installation, and desktop widgets ) I was disappointed by Android's user interface; it felt anything but intuitive and there was next to no documentation to explain it.

The quality of Android 3 applications also diminishes the appeal of tablets supporting this operating system. I have never seen so many applications crash, and so many applications with pitiful functionality and user interfaces.

Unfortunately the only hope for the XOOM is that application developers step up their game. We've already found several high quality applications for the iPad and hope to see them on the XOOM in the near future.

iOs Applications we like:
  • Quick Office Pro - Word processing, presentations
  • iAnnotate - Note taking, allows you to highlight sections of PDF files
Android Applications we like:
None currently