Tuesday, July 26, 2011

XOOM vs iPAD Part 2

Due to overwhelming requests our company decided to purchase iPads instead of Xooms.

We still feel Android's interface is less user-friendly than iOS. We've also seen several problems with the XOOM crashing in the operating system's built-in modules. Android's built-in browser also has noticeable screen lag when inputting data via the virtual qwerty keyboard. Despite flash support, several multimedia websites such as Hulu and Netflix won't run on the XOOM due t copyright agreements.

Some of the major benefits we saw when shopping for the XOOM are quickly fading. SD external storage, for example, seems much less useful when you can sync files over wifi. I've had my XOOM for about 2 months now and never saw the need to use this feature.

Hopefully Android will step up and make their operating system more robust. Presently it seems it was rushed into the consumer market before a stable OS environment existed.

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